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The Story of Les Fleurs de Bach

The Founder of Elixirs & Co, the parent company of Les Fleurs de Bach, Gerard Wolf, shares with us the fascinating story behind the company’s origin and its prized French Bach Flower Essences.

Elixirs & Co. is a pioneering and visionary company, which has been working for 30 years to facilitate access to the Bach flowers for the greatest number of people. Thanks to the therapeutic properties of the French Bach Flower essences, Elixirs & Co. has help many people cope with everyday difficulties through its broad range of products and modalities.

Specialist of the production of authentic, artisanal and organic French Bach flowers

In 1993, Gerard Wolf established his own company dedicated to Bach Flower system of emotional healing. Recognized as an expert on the Bach Flowers, he was among the top advisors in launching the company.

To ensure of the authenticity, quality and effectiveness of the flower essences, Gerard Wolf produce his own mother essences in strict compliance with the method proposed by Dr. Edward Bach in the 1928, who was the pioneer of the Bach Flower remedies, from whom they take their name.

Strict respect of the original manufacturing method developed by Dr. Bach.

The new company, Elixirs & Co. remained strictly faithful to the method of homemade preparation invented by Dr. Bach and described in his books, namely:

  • The artisanal picking of wild flowers in a healthy environment, apart from any industrial or animal pollution
  • Strict adherence to the solarization or boiling process:
  • Solarization is suitable for annual and fragile flowers, and allows a slow diffusion of their active value, without degradation.
  • Boiling is suitable for flowers from perennial plants, most often woody: shrubs, shrubs, trees.
  • The addition of BIO brandy at 40 ° in equal parts with the floral water
  • Dilution at 1 / 250ths of BIO brandy at 40 °.

Member of the European guild of Bach flowers producers, and recipient of the guild’s certificate of method compliance.

We are members of the Bach Flower Guild. This brings together several producers of European flower essences and ensures the establishment of a standard of quality, ethics and authenticity in the method of preparation of elixirs. All of our product bare the label “Original Method of Dr. Bach” which attest to our compliance to the quality standard.

A pioneering company, focused on creation and innovation.  The company has evolved.  Its products are elegant, fashionable as well as therapeutic.

  • 100% natural wellness products
  • Elegant packaging, high-end feel, and with therapeutic value
  • Broad range of Bach Flower delivery modalities and product categories
  • Elixirs, perfume, eau de toilette, sprays, roll-ons, cosmetics and food supplements
  • Maintaining a competitive advantage through innovation and fashion appeal
    On the leading edge of health and environment consciousness: natural, organic, plant-based
  • Democratization of health alternatives for well-being and peaceful body and mind

A brand recognized at the international level and rewarded by many prizes 

  • Switzerland 2010: 1st prize of the Edelweiss Grand Prix for the anti-stress body care line
  • France May 2011: CosmetMag 1st prize, for the anti-stress body care line
  • France Sept 2012: 1st prize Beauty Organic Awards
  • Malaysia 2012: 1st prize Harper’s Baazar Beauty Awards
  • Malaysia 2013: 1st prize Harper’s Baazar Beauty Awards.
  • France 2019: 1st prize Marie-Claire, for food supplements